Friday, May 4, 2012

It Wasn't the Workout........

I am on my last week of round 2 of the P90x program, I am very pleased with where I am physically.  But, there is still more to go, and I wanted to share somethings that may or may not change the way your are approaching your fitness goals:

  • I can honestly say that the P90x workout was not the result of my weight loss, it was my diet.  P90x helped me gain some lean muscle and improve my overall cardiovascular health.  I will never again let anyone sell me on the fact that one workout plan is more effective for weight loss than the other

  • Once I broke away from the P90x nutrition guide and started putting together my own plan, my weight goals were easier to maintain.  I was not obsessed with getting every portion of veggies, fruits, meat, etc. absolutely correct.  It was liberating to formulate my own plan

  • I started this journey caring about macros, I don't care about macros anymore

  • I have better relationship with food because I am not following a strict diet.  I eat what I want, knowing that certain foods will make me more hungry as opposed to making me full (think refined carbohydrates full of fat, salt and/or sugar)

  •  It is all about your caloric intake - there is no magical health food

  • Health shakes made me hungry and were a disaster as a meal replacement

  •  I stopped my pre and post workout supplementation

  • I started incorporating intermittent fasting into my nutrition plan

  • I workout at 5 am in a fasted state and don't have my post workout meal until 12 pm -no supplementation at all

  • I stayed away from alcohol

  • My wife and kids were fully on board with what I was doing, and that's all I needed.  I never let my fitness goals interfere with my social and family life

  • Brad Pilon, Martin Berkhan and John Barban changed the way I viewed fitness, using logic as opposed to promoting bogus fitness claims followed by recommendations for supplements

  • Over the next 90-120 days, I will focus on resistance training to build lean muscle mass, and diet to shed more fat.  At no point will I use exercise as a tool to lose the additional weight

  • Over the next 90 -120 days, it will come down to lifting hard and eating less.  I will not care about macros, meal timing, supplements, etc.

I hope this blog, up until this point, has provided some useful information.  I am no expert, I was just a fat guy who shed some serious weight.  Now, I am looking to take my body to the next level by keeping it as simple as possible.  I am still learning, so my perspective on things may continue to change. Right now, I can comfortably say, weight loss for me was more about the calories and less about the P90x workout program.

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