Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 180

Well, this is my last Day of the P90x program.  My goal weight after 2 rounds was 185, and I tipped the scale at 187 this morning.  Not bad.  In the beginning, I thought 185 would put me at around 8% body fat.  I was not even close.  The calipers were really no help in trying to gain an accurate assessment, so I decided to start basing my progress on proportions, rather than weight and caliper measurements.  Right now, I'm probably around 19% body fat.  In good lighting, you can see my second row of abs....I still have fat to lose.      My goals for the next 90 days will be more proportion based.  Right now, measuring from the belly button, my waist is 37 inches, I'm targeting 31.  My shoulder width is 47 inches, I'm targeting a little over 50 inches.  I think this is the optimal proportion given my height (thank you John Barban and the Adonis Index).  I believe reaching these proportions will allow everything else to fall into place, and I will be about as healthy has I've ever been.  If I am forced to use a target weight, I would say 168 lbs., but the scale really isn't going to be determining my success.  As I mentioned in previous posts, my exercise will be three days in the gym, period.  Heavy, compound lifting to build muscle.....shooting for 45 minutes max per workout.  Also, target caloric range will be 1800-2000 with a 24 hour fast 2 days a week.  I don't know where the thought started (and I was one of the believers) that you have to eat a crap load of calories to build muscle.  The caloric range I am in right now is probably the lowest I have ever been in my entire life, and I am not miserable.  I eat what I want, knowing that it just boils down to burning more calories than you put in. I also understand that it is possible to build muscle and burn fat, don't let anyone ever talk you in to the bulk and cut approach ( I aim to prove this in my next 90 days).  Once I pushed myself past the mindset that I didn't have to restrict my diet, I was able to cut the calories even more.  Case in point:  Today is my son Cade's First Communion...I will be eating fajitas and tamales.  I will not feel guilty.  I will even have a piece of cake.  No problem.  I will also realize the high fat foods and extra sugar will not leave me feeling full and craving more.  Well, I'm prepared for this, and will control my portions, knowing I can still have the foods I love, just less of them.  I have been using this approach the last three weeks, and truly believe I am on the path to long term success.  I still eat my fruits, veggies, lean meats etc., but I don't deprive myself of tasty foods.  My insulin is fine.....that outlook helped me in the beginning in starting this weight loss journey.  In fact, I don't think I would be in this position now if I really didn't get the hell scared out of me at the doctor and start monitoring my food.  I don't believe in good and bad carbs anymore.  There are foods that are nutrient dense and dense in calories.  Some will help fuel your workouts, and some foods will be high in calories and make you crave more, well beyond your caloric requirements.  One more thing....I cannot stress enough this point....P90X WAS NOT THE REASON I LOST WEIGHT.......DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO A WORKOUT STRATEGY BECAUSE IT SAYS IT WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRED WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS....IT IS THE DIET.........PERIOD.....DON'T SWEAT THE TYPE OF FOOD EITHER.....LESS CALORIES CONSUMED THAN BURNED IS THE BEST FAT BURNING TOOL!!!!  I do take cash and checks if you feel like blindly sending your money to the next fitness fad.

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