Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm still here....

I apologize for not posting an update for a while.  Things have been very interesting in my work life, and I hope to have things back on track soon.

Weight training has been going wonderfully for me.  I continue to hit personal bests in squats and dead lifts. Yes, I am one of those who carries a clipboard around the gym and records my numbers.  I can't understand why you wouldn' seems like I'm just spinning my wheels if I don't document my progress.

I'm beginning to really notice a difference in my shoulders and across my chest.  I put on a suit the other day and needed size 32 pants (down from 38).  I also and wearing medium to large t-shirts...down from XL and XXL.

The other day, a kid came up to me, around my son's age, at the pool, and said I was really athletic and that his dad couldn't do flips off the diving board like I was doing (although with bad form).  I want to let you know, if you are 37 like me and can't do flips with your kid off the diving board because of your physical condition, you're missing out.  I would take that as a slap in the face to switch up your lifestyle.

We were in Wimberley, TX last week at a place named Blue Hole....essentially it's a creek in the Hill Country for recreational swimming.  It also has a few rope swings to swing out over the water.  One particular swing has a ring to hold on to (see picture below), and if you choose, you can get a running leap from a platform and catch the ring mid-air for a great swing.  Let's just say, it took me half a day to get the timing down.  Once I had the timing, I was catching the ring with the high school boys.  Not many were physically able to do this, but it was the most physical fun I had in a long time.  Why am I telling you this?  Because I was probably one of the few 37 year old dads who could conquer the ring.  The best moment came when I swung out over the water, did a back flip off of the ring.  When I looked up, I could see my eight year old son smiling and clapping for me.

Each day, I am getting stronger and leaner.  I don't exercise 6 days a week, and I don't eat 6 clean meals a day. I watch my calories and bust my butt to make it matter in the gym.  You know what?  I'm in my late 30's, and I'm getting in great shape.  One year ago, I was fat, depressed, and confused.  Today, I am happy, confident, and excited what the next day holds.  I'm tired of excuses....I'm tired of seeing other dads sit on the sidelines while their kids play.  I was that way, and thank myself each day for getting control of myself.  I accepted responsibility.  No weight loss or fitness program provided me with the magic bullet.  Yet, I figured it out...YOU DON"T HAVE TO BE DEPENDENT ON ANY ONE PROGRAM OR PLAN....FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOURSELF.....IT'S MORE SUSTAINABLE THAT WAY.  Yes, I am know why?  Because I'm tired of whiny excuses I'm hearing from people.  I'm tired of absolute statements of "this works, but not that"....shut up and find out what works for you.  Oh, and do not drop another dime on some fitness scheme designed to drain your wallet.  There are plenty of free calorie counters out there.  It's that easy.  I'll see you at the pool....will you be doing flips with me and the kids....or will you be sitting on the sidelines?


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