Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crossfit Hates Me

Sometimes, the easier you make things, the more you can progress.  Since my last post, I have been watching my sugar consumption (although I have indulged on birthdays and vacation....whoops).  Anyway, I want to put this out there....I have not counted calories in the past month.  I have not monitored a thing that I have put in my body.  I have enjoyed every meal, and have skipped quite a few as well.  I still is probably the single reason why I have been able to control my calories.  I have switched up my eating plan in the last month to make it even more accommodating to my lifestyle.  Before I worked on this meal plan, I did calculate that I wanted to keep my calories between 1800-2000/day.  Well, for 2 days of the week, I only eat dinner, and a normal dinner, meat veggies and carbs (and I don't really care if the carbs are starchy....what a joke).  Anyway, I've calculated on 2 days of the week, I can't exceed 600 calories during those meals, and the remaining 5 days, I can stick to 2300-2500 calories.  So, with those numbers, I don't go crazy on my fast day dinners, and I eat bigger meals on the non fast day.  I even mix in breakfast on  those days (gasp!).  Anyway, I figure my protein consumption is fine, and I am being responsible for my eating on most days.  If I slip and have a desert, I'm well aware of my lack of control, so I monitor it closely.  But, with my new position at work (it's almost been a year, hence the slowdown in the blog), I'm entertaining clients.  Plus, if you are in an office like mine, there is always good stuff lying around (although I do my best to stay away).  Anyway, the point is, I love my new meal plan, and by controlling my intake 2 days a week through fasting, I'm more relaxed with my eating the remaining 5 days.  This does not mean I eat anything I want!  Be responsible!  Oh, and I still don't drink :).

Now, remember how I separate my fat control (diet) with my muscle gain (weight training)?  As you can see from the updated photo, I am putting on some good muscle.  I also am thrilled with my numbers at the gym on the big 3 (bench, dead lift and squats).  Today, 315lbs on bench, the past few days has yielded reps of 395 lbs on squat and 375 lbs on dead lift.  This is on an empty stomach.  I made the mistake a few weeks ago of drinking a protein shake prior to my workout (don't ask me why), and I had a horrible time...I felt bloated and weak, go figure.  I'm still not doing cardio, so, the diet has been working just fine.  I do enjoy a protein shake after my workouts and I have been mixing in a tbsp of creatine.  I wouldn't say this is the sole reason for my gain, it's really just improving my numbers everyday at the gym.  I still keep track on my clipboard.

So, where am I at right now in my journey?  I'm 38 years old and the strongest I have ever been in my life.  I haven't been on the scale in 3 hell with the scale.  I have found a meal plan that is not a scam (I'm living proof, and no, it's not that I have a special body type and it's only right for me, it's science), and I still workout 3 days a week....oh, and I still hate cardio.

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