Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I turn to others for inspiration as well.....

One of the many things that have helped me so far is following other people's successful weight loss journeys.  I read many blogs, one of them being the Adonis Index Blog.  They had a great story about Todd Burgette ( http://www.adonisindex.com/save-time-with-dieting/) and his struggles mirrored what I was going through prior to this journey.  He also summed up his approach in such a way that I had to share.  Sometimes, I can ramble on this blog, and my points may not be as clear as I would like them to be.  I think Todd did a good job of summarizing the keys to his success, and follows closely to what I am doing.

Take home message from Todd ( I have added my comments in yellow):
1. Diet Tips
  • Be proactive, think in advance, plan, save calories, so you can enjoy social eating events over the weekends
  • If you are struggling with a eating disorder, take it slowly, small steps moving forward every day/week/month
  • Figure out when it’s easier for you to fast
  • Don’t eat too often, taking breaks will give you more control
  • Try avoiding snacking
  • Eating breakfast will most likely make you overeat, try to put the first meal off as late as you can (I skip breakfast and have larger lunches and dinners - it's all personal preference)
  • If you are a boredom eater, you need to plan to be social
  • If you eat less, you will save time
2. Training Tips
  • Have a well-structured workout plan
  • Have a workout plan written months ahead
  • Keep a workout log/diary that will help you track your progress
3. Mindset Shifts
  • You’ve got to identify the key drivers of your success and work on them
  • It’s all in your head, your body can do it, but you have to believe it’s possible
  • Clear your mind before your workout
  • Work on your key habits and issues every day
  • Find someone who has done what you want, seeing it will give you the confidence to do it
  • Reward yourself with vacation and clothes (not my ideal rewards, but you get the picture)
  • Be covert, you don’t have to tell anyone what you are doing (again, I have a blog, which goes against this point, but the idea is a fitness journey should seen, not heard, although I believe it must be heard if you are trying to inspire)
Thank you Todd, I couldn't have said it better myself!

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