Thursday, March 29, 2012

Before I Changed My Lifestyle

This is me.....36 years old.....5'9 1/2....238 pounds ....28%+ body fat.....October 2011....I had started and stopped so many fitness programs and diets over the past 14 years, and every time I showed some progress, I would regress and put on more weight.

Today, March 29, 2012, I am down 43 pounds, getting into the best shape I have ever been in....and it hasn't been a miserable experience (like the previous attempts).  I am creating this blog to tell you exactly how I was able to get to this point.  My journey is not over, it's only the beginning, and I am creating this blog for family and friends (and anyone else, for that matter) that wants to change their lifestyle, but with a structured plan.  Stay tuned as I update you on my journey.....

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